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We are looking for teammates who are passionate about their work…

For us, passion means things we love to do, the determination to succeed and the effort. We work with a focus on creating value in everything we do. We believe that it becomes easier to work with heart and soul when one’s purpose of living harmonizes with the raison d’etre of the organization one works for. In our opinion, those who work with their hearts and souls work like the founder of the company. They are the leaders who see the big picture, look forward without fearing from making mistakes or getting tangled with the chains of the past, with the mindfulness on what and how they contribute in. We believe that leadership is independent of the position. A leader is the person who is open for improvement, manages changes, acts proactively and is motivated by the challenges. We primarily evaluate our candidates’ suitability to our company’s culture and values while we are making our recruitment decisions. Our values tell us that;


“Being an employee of GCG means working together with tenacity based on rationalism and respect. A focus on continuous development for sustainability is inherent in the nature of this business.”

If you are keen on forcing your limits and discovering yourself, we suggest you to search for the career paths in GCG.
We stand by you as your business partner to capture opportunities for collaboration.


These steps await you:



We review your résumé, submitted via our announcements or general application form. If you are experienced or recently graduated, the application process is outlined in the following paragraphs.

First Meeting

After receiving your application, we invite you to a meeting if we consider your résumé to be appropriate. We discuss your career expectations and the ways we can collaborate with you. This meeting is an important and exciting step for us as well.

Evaluation Process and Tools

To arrive at objective recruitment decisions, we use tests for personality inventory, general ability, English language and technical skills appropriate to the role applied for. As we see recruitment as a mutual evaluation and a bilateral decision-making process, we provide candidates with clear information about our company structure and processes and introduce them to relevant teammates, so that our candidates can evaluate us accurately. Representatives from the business partnership department and the relevant process responsibles conduct a competency-based interview and a technical interview respectively. To gain a broad perspective, we involve representatives from specialisms ancillary to the role in our evaluation process. This type of multi-evaluation gives us a very helpful range of opinions about your competencies and suitability for the job, while it allows you to recognize opportunities and learn more about teammates you would be working with. In this way, we believe that we establish a sound basis for a lasting and productive collaboration.

Conclusion and Feedback

At the end of a mutually positive process, we will make you our offer. If we are not able to work with you for the time being, we will include you in our pool of positive candidates and contact you when a position becomes available. We will let you know if we find that we can’t take your application further.

First Day of Work

Welcome aboard, now you are a member of our team! On the day you come aboard, we greet you with an orientation program tailored to your role. During this program, you will get to know Anel better, learn how to cooperate with different departments, get answers to your questions and meet your new colleagues.