GCG specializes in the provision of engineering solutions with a management team combining construction and technical skills and experience. We offer design and building engineering, construction, supply, installation, commissioning, as built and handing over up to the warranty period.


We would be glad to do the same for you

Employing the services of GCG comes with the highest level of commitment and involvement which the Client expects to maintain a close coordinative and collaborative working relationship throughout the development and construction process. GCG’s guarantee in the provision of the electro-mechanical services is the continuous focus on finding ways to add value to the services we provide and to reduce its costs.


We are ready and willing to roll up
our sleeves and get the work done at any time .





Our Company enjoys the reputation of performance built on excellence as seen in our clients’ confidence by awards of repeat businesses and valuable references.

Our dedication in performing our services takes into careful consideration the bottom line targets of the Client to have the projects completed on the set time frame and budget. The importance of catering to the objective of the client starts right at the inception where our estimation and purchasing division work closely with the customer’s project specification prioritizing transparency and ensuring no surprises during project implementation.




We strongly believe in the philosophy of sharing risk and benefit and we have developed flexible and innovative contracts with many of our clients.